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    Our journeys so far have led us from the mountains of Colorado to the pebble beaches of Mexico. We are living our passion by taking every chance to explore the world one section at a time. 

   Our first out of state trip together was to Colorado. We left Phoenix and headed to Durango. We drove all night and got to Durango at daybreak. We decided to continue driving through our exhaustion because the mountains were calling us. We pulled off the highway just outside of Silverton and set up our rooftop tent. We slept for a couple hours and then packed up. This was our first experience setting up our rooftop tent and we were amazed at the simplicity and convenience this provided us. 

   We stopped in Silverton for Brunch and then headed on to Yankee Boy pass. We drove as far as the road would take us up to Yankee Boy Basin and then hiked to the lake and waterfalls. That night we headed into town again for supplies and then started Imogene Pass trail. Camp that night was just above the timberline in a small valley. We cooked dinner and watched the sunset. That night we were blessed with a magnificent storm rolling through the mountains, lighting put on a show in the night sky and thunder rolled through the mountains. And we felt safe and secure in our camp. 

   The next day, we finished the trail and headed into Ouray. We spent time walking through town, enjoying the hot spring and sightseeing and then hit the trail once more. This time we decided to head over Ophir Pass into Telluride. When we reached the pass, there was still snow everywhere regardless of the fact it was July. Once we arrived in Ouray, we ate an early dinner and stopped at a camp ground to take advantage of the long warm showers they offered. We headed back over Ophir Pass and made camp alongside a stream. 

   The next morning, we headed back to Durango and went white water rafting in the Colorado River. We met up with friends and stopped at Steamworks for lunch. From there, we headed to Silverton to enjoy a beautiful 4th of July celebration. 

   This trip was just the beginning of awakening our dreams for exploring the outdoor and finding a piece of this world we could call our own…even if it was just for a night.

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This journey and many others took planning and map reading and research. When it came down to it, we had more information than we knew what to do with. Thats when we found an offroad book, maps and SD card that made our adventures so much more convenient and easy to navigate. Come visit our shop so we can help you plan your adventure!

Done That!

Back Road to Crown King

     We took advantage of a long weekend to run the back road to Crown King. This is a trail we have run many times and love because of the challenges and the scenery. We started late on a Friday night and camped along the trail. We woke up Saturday morning, cooked breakfast and cleaned up camp. We hit the trail and had a blast playing in the mud and rock crawling. 

     Along the way we noticed several areas full of litter and garbage. Please be kind enough to not litter on our beautiful land! We cleaned up what we could along the way and plan on finding a way to influence our community to assist with making our public lands stay natural and clean.

     We finished the trail Saturday in time to stop at the Mill in Crown King for burgers and fries... and hot coco! We then took our time heading home by running some trails along Senators Highway and watching random snow flurries dance along the trail.